Environmental Sustainability Policy


The intent of this Environmental Sustainability Policy is to formalise our commitment to environmental improvement and prevention of pollution.  

As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of environmental sustainability in our workplace and when working off-site, we aim to:

  • minimise the impact of our operations on our environment and maximise the effective use of resources; and
  • communicate environmental initiatives internally and externally.


This policy applies to all directors, employees and contractors working for Cirrus Real Time Processing Systems Pty Ltd. (Cirrus).


Cirrus respects our relationship with the natural environment and acknowledge the adverse impacts that human activity can impose. 
Cirrus commits to minimising its impact on our environment through the following principles and practices:

  • Having an environmentally sustainable aware culture, educating and motivating our employees to act in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling.
  • Ensuring responsible use of natural resources in daily operations, including water, paper and energy.
  • Disposing of waste appropriately. 
  • Providing adequate resources to meet these environmental commitments.
  • Complying with relevant Australian Commonwealth, State and Local environmental regulations and legislation.
  • Where possible, encouraging suppliers to meet high standards of environmental performance.
  • Taking steps to improve environmental performance continually.


This policy will be reviewed every two years or as required.